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ADHD Career Management

ADHD Career Management

Specialized strategies for individuals who have been diagnosed or exhibit symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) by applying techniques to develop structure, focus, and direction

Manifest Positive Change

Manifest Positive Change

Reignite your purpose, resist burnout, and prioritize a work-life balance

ADD/ADHD Career Development

ADD/ADHD Career Development

Individually tailored programs to focus unique abilities, interests, and personality to optimize career growth and success

Counseling for ADD/ADHD

Counseling for ADD/ADHD

Differentiate yourself through self discovery—explore and assess your strengths, aptitudes, interests, and personality

ADD/ADHD Career Coaching

ADD/ADHD Career Coaching

Invest in yourself and refine your goals for career development by learning how to take it to the next level

Build a Successful Career You Enjoy!

By tailoring our career coaching and counseling programs to suit the needs and goals of our clients, we empower professionals facing a variety of career and workplace challenges. Our experience will help reignite career passion, prioritize a work-life balance, and more effectively maintain focus and drive for those with ADD or ADHD.

We offer career services remotely to assist with the essential aspects of your job search including: personalized strategies, interview preparation, resume development, and network optimization.

By applying proven strategies and experience, Career Ventures is recognized as a leader in this field for positively impacting hundreds of careers and lives.

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