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Career Management with ADD/ADHD


Career Ventures specializes in working with individuals who have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) or exhibit symptoms of this behavioral disorder.


Common characteristics can include distractibility, impulsivity, daydreaming, hyperactivity, boredom, procrastination, fidgetiness, insufficient time management, and inattention to detail.


We help identify which symptoms continually interfere with productivity and how to minimize their impact. The techniques we introduce assist by developing structure, focus, and direction—providing a path to a more successful career.

A man contemplating his career

Our Programs

Managing Career/Life Balance

Maintaining a balance between life and work is a challenge in our culture. Awareness of your options is a critical part of the process. We introduce many ways to find a comfortable balance to meet your needs.


Small Business Development

Many people that exhibit symptoms or have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD choose to explore entrepreneurial endeavors. Small business ownership carries a different set of challenges for an individual dealing with the symptoms of ADD/ADHD.


For those imbued with this entrepreneurial spirit, we can help both new and established businesses. Our support and expertise will aid with ensuring the success of the endeavor.

Common characteristics of ADD/ADHD in the workplace: 








Time Management

Inattention to Detail

Difficulty with Authority

Emotional Dysregulation


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