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Career Counseling for ADD/ADHD

Career planning can be challenging. As humans, we optimally learn by embracing life, work, and educational experiences.


Through one-on-one meetings, we cater to originality—leading to a keener appreciation of self, and enabling a better understanding of true individual interests, motivations, attributes, and abilities.


We collaborate and construct a program tailor-made to suit your needs and frequently work with mid-career, middle-to-senior level management professionals from many different professions and with diverse goals.


Through our extensive experience, we have constructed programs that help build a strong foundation for fulfilling career development.

Successful Work Team

Our Programs

Career Counseling

Clients reassess and redefine what is most important to them. Together, we explore and assess strengths, aptitudes, interests, abilities, personality, and life experiences—guiding and focusing forward—ideally translating into a new outlook and direction.


Testing and Assessment

Testing helps provide valuable information and helps to measure various interests, personality, and career/life priorities.


The tests we may utilize for assessment include:

  • Strong Interest Inventory

  • MBTI – Myers-Briggs Introduction to Type

  • Skills Assessment

  • Career Orientations Values Inventory


These tests are user-friendly, have excellent test/re-test reliability, and remain a foundation in the career development field.

Job Support Coaching

Common issues associated with stress, anxiety, introversion, and self-esteem can be addressed through coaching. We demonstrate how to maintain the proper perspective—helping to discover and develop the techniques needed to gain (or regain) enjoyment, confidence, and esteem.

Job Search Strategies

We teach and provide various search strategies that will help find that fulfilling job in the digital age.

Interview Preparation

Interviews can present a challenge. We provide guidance to alleviate any anxiety through coaching and preparation—exploring the various types of interviews, potential questions, and strategies to respond in these situations—ultimately leading to that desired job.

Outplacement Consulting

In cases of unemployment, dismissal or early retirement, we provide support, encouragement, and guidance through the many phases of job hunting—understanding the marketplace, honing skills, developing a professional resume, then ultimately finding and pursuing job leads and negotiating salary.


Resume Development

The resume is an essential part of the job search. We collaborate and advise to develop a unique, professional, and effective resume.


We specialize in a variety of industries, professions, and situations:

Banking and Finance




Architecture and Construction




Home and Family Businesses

Feeling Stuck/Lack of Enthusiasm

Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

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