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Programs & Fees


Our highly customized programs put you in the driver’s seat to professional growth and success.


Individualized Career Counseling and/or Coaching


  • Individualized Career Counseling

  • Career Management Coaching

  • Tailored job support

  • Remote options


  $  205  Initial intake; hourly, one time fee

  $  195  Hourly

  $  990  6 1-hour Sessions

  $1600  10 1-hour Sessions


ADD/ADHD Career Planning and/or
Career Management Coaching


  • Individualized Career Counseling including tools for ADD/ADHD

  • Career Management Coaching with a focus on managing ADD/ADHD


  $  185  Hourly

Executive Coaching and Small Business Development


  $1350  6 sessions plus telephone support over 3 months

  $2500  12 sessions plus telephone support over 6 months


Career Testing and Assessment


Includes four tests, four one-hour follow-ups, and a fifth one-hour final Career Assessment Summary with overarching recommendations and strategies. We utilize the following assessment tools:

  • Strong interest inventory

  • MBTI/Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Skills assessment

  • Career values inventory


  $1175  Program Fee


Career Exploration and Transition Program


This program is designed for those who may be experiencing any of the following:


  • A loss of passion and energy in your career

  • Feeling stagnant in your present job

  • Experiencing and or suffering from career burnout

  • Indecision about staying in your current job, moving on to another employer or exploring a new career

  • Feeling anxious and confused or struggling with fulfilling career direction

  • Finding a career that aligns with your unique personality


The Process 


Review & Evaluation

  • Career Counseling and/or Career Management Coaching

  • Identification of career interests, professional transferable skills, work values and occupational accomplishments

  • Personality assessment – Understand your work-related strengths and possible blind-spots

  • Exploration of career needs plus personal and professional expectations

  • Determination of your criteria for career satisfaction


Organization & Coordination

  • Exploration of career options

  • Establishment of career goals and objectives

  • Determination of career focus

  • Development of an action plan


Apply & Perform

  • Strategic career search campaign

  • Interview practice and techniques

  • Development of a resume

  • Salary negotiations

  • Job offers


This program package includes:

  • 14 hours of Career Counseling/and or Career Management Coaching sessions

  • Resume critique and recommendations

  • MBTI/Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Skills assessment

  • Career Planning Workbook

  • Mock interview and feedback session

  • Phone coaching throughout the program


  $2900  Program Fee


Career Path Program


This program is designed to direct and focus the client toward a career that speaks to areas of interest. The client will gain an understanding about his or her true personality, interests, motivations, transferable skills and values, plus how that translates into positive career and workplace success. 


The Process


Review & Evaluation

  • Career and personal counseling/coaching

  • Testing and assessment

  • Personality exploration – Self-awareness and understanding values and transferable/marketable skills, talents and strengths, plus identification of potential blind-spots

  • Career exploration and possibilities

  • Career management

  • Career focus


Organization & Coordination

  • Career options

  • Establishment of goals and objectives

  • Identification and development of a target audience

  • Research of prospective companies

  • Understanding and navigation of organizational cultures and environments

  • Uncovering and finding work within the “hidden job market”


Apply & Perform

  • Development of a strategic marketing plan

  • Creation of a network to ensure effective relationship building—leading to job prospects

  • Marketing strategies to "stand out"

  • Job prospecting

  • Interview techniques

  • Resume development

  • Assessment of job offers

  • Negotiation of compensation packages


This program package provides:

  • 22 hours of individual hourly sessions

  • Professional resume 

  • Testing and Assessment Package using the: Strong Interest Inventory, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Skills Assessment, and Career Values Inventory

  • Career assessment summary

  • Career Planning Workbook

  • Mock interview and feedback session

  • Phone coaching & consultation throughout the program


  $4900  Program Fee




Resume Critique – We review your resume and provide suggestions/revisions  

  $225  Hourly


Professional Resume – We create your resume using information you provide 

  $450  Program Fee (2 revision cycles)


Interview Preparation  


Includes 2 hours of mock interviewing and a feedback session  

  $450  Program Fee


On-Site Career Management Coaching


We meet you in your place of business—providing individualized and/or team career
management coaching

  $295  Hourly (2 hour minimum)


Gift Certificates Available 


Provide your family member or friend with the gift that lasts—a prosperous and satisfying career

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