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Coaching for Executives with ADD/ADHD

Coaching is the process by which individuals learn the necessary tools for growth and development—both personally and in the workplace. We use a variety of techniques, which can yield some fascinating results and personal insights.


A sampling of these include:

  • Personal study and self-awareness

  • Managing relationships

  • Examining goals and values

  • Identifying strengths and “blindspots”

  • Optimizing change

  • Managing stress


The coaching process also serves as a confidential sounding board enabling objective assessment and analysis.

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Our Programs

Job Support Coaching

We help you address issues of stress, anxiety, and self-esteem that may be exacerbated by situations in the workplace. We coach and demonstrate how to maintain the proper perspective and attain the energy needed to help gain or regain enjoyment and confidence.

Career Marketing and Networking

Marketing is about supply and demand. With your career, this means being able to identify and advance the need for your unique skills and services. Once you’ve developed your career, your next step is to expand your network.

Career Transitioning

Do you have a clear set of goals? We work with you to focus on what is right for you, and then help you take the necessary steps to attain your goals.


Pre-Retirement Planning

If you have decided to retire from your present job but you plan to supplement your retirement with something new, we help you plan in order to be effective in renewing your purpose and finding a path forward.

We specialize in a variety of industries and professions :


Banking and Finance


Medical Community


Architectural and Construction




Small and Family Businesses

Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

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